Madilene Loosier-Certified Piano Tuner/Piano Technician

About us


Madilene Loosier has a rich musical background, playing piano from the age of 8 and viola from the age of 10.  She has performed with the Conroe Symphony since 1998 and is the Principal Violist along with being their Concert Piano Technician.  She plays viola and piano and sings at churches and other venues throughout the year where she often also services the pianos.

Madilene holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy with a minor in Piano from Sam Houston State University . She and her husband Shane have 3 sons, the oldest serving in the U.S. Air Force since 2015. 

​When an extra pair of hands are needed, Shane and their sons have been trained to assist with repairs and other services such as installing piano dollies or piano cleaning.

 It is a great pleasure that we help our client's pianos sound and perform at their best potential. We promise to offer honest and professional service. We use the lastest state of the art tuning software to create the best possible tuning for your instrument.